The mission of the Mazie Mentoring Program is enable young people to reach their full potential by matching them with a volunteer mentor from the community.

To fulfill the legacy of John Andrew Mazie by recruiting and training adult volunteers to Mentor and act as role models for high school students at-risk of not achieving their potential in school and beyond. To provide young people with the support they need to take control of their lives, set and achieve goals, prepare to apply to college or other post-secondary training, and achieve success.

The Mazie Mentoring Program has been in operation for students at Framingham (MA) High School since 1998. A second program was started in 2010 for students at Waltham (MA) High School and a third program was started in 2019 for students at Marlborough (MA) High School.

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John Andrew Mazie

John Andrew Mazie was born in Huntingdon Valley, a suburb of Philadelphia, on September 25, 1970. He attended public schools in Lower Moreland Township.

John graduated fourth in his high school class of 225 and was awarded the $2000 Alumni scholarship, “given to the member of the graduating class who exhibits academic achievement, good character and outstanding service to the school.”

Mazie was accepted into the University of Pennsylvania where he majored in Sociology. His thesis was written around the controversy over lodgings in Philadelphia for AIDs victims.

John graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, at the top of his class and went to work for APM, a firm that consulted to hospitals and healthcare institutions.

At the time of his death at age 26, caused by a collision with a drunken driver, John was Manager of Client Services of APM/CSC Healthcare of Framingham, MA.


“…John was a standard setter at our company. John could master intellectual content very rapidly, and in fact in the last two years spent most of his time working with brilliant clinicians to develop new intellectual content that had practical commercial value. But what stands out most to me was John’s very effective personal style that was confident, comfortable giving direction yet not domineering, and able to engage with and constructively motivate all with whom he came in contact: his technical staff, senior consultants, and the top leadership of his clients and potential clients. We have received many phone calls from his clients, all of whom remember John as a standout and significant contributor not only to their businesses, but their own careers and personal development as well.”

The man present where my commitment speaks the loudest is a man who seeks out men in pain to provide them with another man to be with.  He never leaves another man alone, suffering.

He is a man that, once he learns the truth about himself and about all men, will not compromise that truth.  He does crazy, illogical, inconvenient, and socially unacceptable things to keep the truth alive.  He brings joy and perspective where no joy is present.  He brings standards where standards are lacking.  He is a reminder to all around him to stand for what they know is true and not to compromise that truth.

This man also knows when to be silent and allow men to discover their own life’s lessons, fight their own battles, and struggle with their demons.  But even then, this man is present with other men.  He never tells another man how to be or what to do, but encourages and inspires men to find their own way of putting their life’s loves into action.  He never quits on any man.  Even those who have distanced themselves from him are present in this man’s thoughts each day.
This man gathers men together from different parts of his life so they can learn from, teach, enjoy and savor each other.  He is a lunatic, unpredictable, taking risks even when afraid.  He does not doubt himself, but looks at each failure as a step on his journey.  In living this way his actions challenge men who know him to live their lives from their balls, to pursue their dreams and live their commitments.

He is always seeking to learn from other men.  He is vulnerable.  Even when he does not feel pain or grief he keeps himself in the battle, knowing that one day he will release this pain.  He invites men to participate in his life, to contribute and share in his personal struggles.

Every day this man is thankful for the gifts he has been given and recommits himself to give this source of power, clarity, purpose and compassion to other men.

John Andrew Mazie
August 1996


President Jeffrey Maimon, Partner, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP
Treasurer Jay H. Goldfarb, Managing Director, Fortis Management Group LLC,  Waltham, MA; former Mentor
Secretary Derenda Jeffrey, Nerium International
Executive Director Jeffrey Chin, CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass/ Metrowest
Lisa Blais, Zensar Technologies

Michael Burke, Hanover Insurance Group

Jack Hoehlein, Morgan Stanley

Robert Keller, Retired CFO

Barbara Mazie, Retired, President, Personalized Papers, Wayland, MA

Jessica Silverman, Mentor

Margaret Sullivan, Avidia Bank



Waltham Manager Anastasia Gumatay
Framingham Manager Brandon Portillo
Marlborough Manager Steven McIntosh


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