If I didn’t come into this mentoring program I would still think very poorly about myself. Thanks to the Mazie Foundation I have set goals and have plans for what I want to accomplish in the future. Your program saved me from making terrible mistakes. I hope that in the future you inspire many other kids like me. I know that if you can change me you can convince many others to think highly of themselves.

I think that what you and your foundation is doing for kids is much more than just giving us free laptops or scholarships and all that, but its providing a stepping stone in our lives where we can say ‘Yes, we can do this,’ instead of saying ‘I don’t really know if this will work.’ I know that I used to say that much more than I do now.

Your foundation has led me to becoming a better person in life. Thank you for choosing mentors that have left great life advice for me to use in the future. Your foundation’s cause is outstanding. I hope that every student that enters this program leaves with something that will enlighten their view on life.

Being part of the Mazie Program was one of my greatest accomplishments in high school. I am so proud of being a mentee and I can truly say that the program changed my life. I want to continue being part of the Mazie Program in the future by becoming a mentor. As I now go off to college, I want to thank you for allowing me to be part of such a wonderful organization.


Mr. Lowell I. Mazie… Achieving goals was something that I remember vividly about the Mazie Mentoring Program. My husband and I accept nothing less than what we can achieve; we have the Mazie program to thank for this. Many blessing to this program which I know will help high school students for many years to come.

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In 2010, four students from Framingham High School were accepted into UMass Medical Center’s Healthcare Career Exploration summer program (which is exciting in and of itself since kids apply from all over MA) and ALL FOUR were Mazie Mentoring Program students – Mishel Caisapanta, Juan Rivera and Margaret Much Hichos, and Lubenji Celoy.

This was an amazing opportunity for these students, providing seminars and lectures, field trips, and academic enrichment in math, science, language arts, and information technology. They also participated in job-shadowing internships in clinical or lab settings. Plus, just living on a college campus for 5 weeks with other Massachusetts high school students is eye-opening. They also received a $300 stipend!

UMass Medical Center in Worcester hosts a free, 5-week summer program (healthcare career exploration) that accepts 20 Massachusetts high school students each summer to experience college life–living/eating on a college campus while exposing them to biomedicine, biotechnology, and other healthcare professions. There is a rigorous application process.

Vice-Principal Sarah Redbord included this in her weekly staff memo:

Sophomore Lubenji Ceoly has been accepted off the wait list to the UMass Medical program. This means that FHS will have four students in the summer program of only twenty students! In addition, all four FHS students are involved in the Mazie program. This speaks to the power of mentoring in a young person’s life! Please congratulate all four students if you see them: Mishel Caisapanta, Lubenji Celoy, Margaret Much-Hichos and Juan Rivera.