Mentee Letter

Mr. Lowell I. Mazie,

I’m writing in response to an update letter I received in October. I have been extremely busy but I wish to update you on my current life.

My name is L. Ortiz and I graduated in 2007. My mentor was Justine Federici, with whom I still keep in contact today.

After I graduated high school, I went to Gordon College in Wenham, MA. I majored in Secondary Education and Spanish but found myself needing to transfer to a less expensive school. I immediately entered Framingham State University and graduated this May 2011 Cum Laude in Modern Languages and minored in Psychology.

I married L.I. Alvarez in June of 2011; he is also a Mazie Alumni. He graduated FHS in 2003.

His brothers O. Alvarez ’07 and L. Alvarez ’08 also attended the program. I met L.I. when I was 6 – we’ve always been a part of the same congregation and we ended up attending Gordon College at the same time. We went on a mission trip to Guatemala and there… well, we fell in love.

He has returned 3 times to Guatemala since then for mission work. I have since visited the Dominican Republic to help out with a small congregation there. Currently, we are both extremely active in our church as youth councilors.

We apply many things we learned through the Mazie Mentoring Program to our work today. For instance, we help the youth look for colleges and advise them to always reach their goals (as our mentors did with us). We are extremely appreciative of the Mazie Partnership and how it has impacted our lives. It was the best decision we made to join the program.

I currently work full time for an after-school and before-school enrichment program called Kidsborough, run in Southborough, Medfield, Hopkinton (2 sites), and in Framingham at the Dunning Elementary School. I am the Co-Site Coordinator and I absolutely love my job!

I work with children K-5, enriching them by offering homework help, organizing clubs (including Spanish clubs which I run), and simply by giving them my undivided attention. I teach Spanish for the company at all the sites and plan the Spanish curriculum for the Kindergarden program run in Hopkinton.

Ever since I entered the Mazie program, my dream has been to become a Spanish teacher – and here I am living my dream. We had a young lady apply for a position and when I saw on her résumé that she was in the Maize Mentoring Program my eyes lit up because I know what a great program it is. She ended up meeting my expectations – she currently works with us and is a wonderful addition to our staff.

My husband is still in the Army and is now a Second Lieutenant. He went to Iraq right out of high school and came back safe and sound. He finished his double major at Gordon College in Business and Biblical Theology. Also a Cum Laude, he is now pursuing his Master’s in Biblical Theology at Gordon-Conwell in Boston in order to achieve his dream: to be a Chaplain for the Army. I know he will meet his goal. For now, he works at our Kidsborough and Southborough sites when he is not working for the military.

Achieving goals was something that I remember vividly about the Mazie Mentoring Program. My husband and I accept nothing less than what we can achieve; we have the Mazie program to thank for this. Many blessing to this program which I know will help high school students for many years to come.

Thank You for your time and attention and I am deeply sorry for the delayed response.


L.I. and L.M. Alvarez