Mazie Mentoring Program

Context – The Foundation enlists volunteers from area companies and agencies to become mentors to high school students recommended by school staff. Mentors help, encourage and motivate students to dream of what they want to become and to take the steps that will get them there.

Purpose – The John Andrew Mazie Memorial Foundation Mentoring Program is designed to provide high school youths with adult mentors who will serve them with:

  • Personal, social, emotional and educational support throughout High School.
  • Information, support and skills vital for success in the workplace.
  • Advocacy and exposure in the areas of cultural, social, educational and personal development.
  • A role model, friend and advisor to explore all the riches of life and the world around them.
Mass Mentoring Partnership
Partner Level Membership with Mass Mentoring signifies a high level of programmatic standards that are aligned with the national Elements of Effective Practice. Partner member practices have been reviewed and verified to meet the quality-based requirements established by Mass Mentoring Partnership.