Mazie Mentor Recognition Dinner

“We could not have done without you!” was the underlying message from the mentees to their mentors at the Framingham Mazie Mentor recognition dinner at Columbus Hall in Framingham on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013. While some spoke few words, some gave a speech; the mentees offered their heartfelt thanks.

The Director of Framingham Mentoring Program, Lauren Kracoff started the evening by extending a warm welcome to the 23 mentors who were recognized & honored at the event. Many mentors and mentees brought their families and friends to celebrate the occasion.

Lowell Mazie, Executive Director of Mazie Foundation shared his experience and positive characteristics of his late son John that motivated him to start the foundation. Lowell shared a poem “No Brief Candle” by George Bernard Shaw that exemplifies John Andrew Mazie’s outlook on life. It was a moving moment and we can attest that the torch is bright and will be passed on to future generations by the foundation.

After a nice dinner, mentees were invited to the lectern along with their mentors. Each of them expressed appreciation for their mentors and read a portion of their vision/mission statement that they wrote few years back.

It was remarkable to witness their progress and most of the graduating mentees were at ease speaking in front of an audience in stark comparison to the shy sophomores we saw few years back. With the graduation from Framingham High School, all the mentees are well on their way to accomplish their mission. The mentors were awarded a certification in recognition of their service along with a nicely framed picture with their mentees as a memento.

The evening was emotional as the years of hard work put in by the mentors, mentees, Lauren, Joyce and the foundation has paid off and everyone took the opportunity to cherish the moment. As many commented, the evening felt like a warm family reunion and many of us will remember it for years to come!

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