Newsletter | Winter 2006


Lunch, Golf and Dinner at beautiful, challenging and convenient Framingham Country Club.

Join other members of the community in the 8th annual fundraising tournament right here in Framingham—the heart of our mentoring program.

We look forward to seeing you, and we thank you for your continuing support!

At each Award Event, mentors and mentees fill out anonymous surveys to provide quantitative data about our program. Last November, 20 students gave our program a rating of excellent, one of good! Most students reported that the mentoring relationship has increased their self confidence. Below are typical student comments, in their own words, in answer to the following questions:

What have you learned from your relationship with your mentor?
*That I can do anything if I set my mind to it
*I have learned that anything can come true for me as long as I try my best
*I have learned a lot about better opportunities for my future
*I have learned to be more responsible and to try harder
*I have gained responsibility, more independence, and a greater confidence
*I know that there is someone that will help me if and when I need it. I know I’m safe, and I know I have a true friend.
What is the best thing about having a mentor?
*To have someone you can trust in.
*That s/he is open and I can tell him/her anything.
*They are a role model for you
*S/he can help me school wise and out of school. Someone I can turn to.
*I have someone I can express my feelings to. I feel like s/he’s my diary.
*I get someone to help me through life.
*Having a mentor is good because a mentor is somebody that can lead a mentee in the right direction, or open their eyes to see things that parents cannot help them to see.

Finally, most students advised that no changes are needed to improve our program, while some added:
*It’s an excellent program.
*Keep the program going. It’s really helpful.
*The program is GREAT. My mentor is the best and thank you for letting me in this great program.
*I would not change anything. It is an awesome program. I was able to accomplish things that were not my goals. Thank you.
*I like it as is. I love being a part of this program.
*Nothing. I think this program is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

In October 2005, our Foundation launched Tickets for Teens to provide opportunities for mentoring pairs to experience a variety of cultural, athletic and social events. Here’s how it works: Everyone in the community is invited to donate unused pairs of tickets to cultural or sporting events to enable a mentee/mentor pair to attend. Many season ticket holders cannot attend every event. Tickets for Teens enables donors to put their tickets to good use by giving them to a worthy student and his/her mentor as a tax-exempt contribution. Donations of restaurant gift certificates or cash are also accepted. Tickets, gift certificates, or cash contributions should be sent to: Tickets for Teens, c/o John Andrew Mazie Memorial Foundation, 1502 Wisteria Way, Wayland, MA 01778. Please send tickets with as much advance notice as possible. The mentee who uses the donated ticket or gift certificate will send you a thank you note. Checks should be made out to The Mazie Foundation. (*SM = trademark under consideration.)

October 1, 2005 was an absolutely perfect day! Thousands of riders and volunteers came together in Foxboro to enjoy the sunny, 70-degree weather and participate in the 15th annual Rodman Ride for Kids. This was the third time we participated, and our Mazie Foundation Team had grown to 21 bikers. Each rider chose a 25, 50, or 100 mile route, beginning and ending at Don Rodman’s fitness center; the large parking area was filled with food, drink and tables under and outside of an enormous tent. The camaraderie along the route, as volunteers cheered the riders on, at the rest stops, where sandwiches, drinks and great music were dished out, and the festivities at the finish line under the white tent, created a wonderfully warm memory that will last until next year’s ride, in the fall of 2006. We invite you to join us then, as a rider, rider sponsor, or volunteer, so you can share this wonderful experience. 100% of the money raised by our team goes to fund our Mentoring Program. The Ride takes care of all expenses. In February, check our website,, for the date of next year’s ride.

Many thanks to our riders, their sponsors, and the Rodman Ride organizers for making this event a success!


21 students who completed our Program are now attending college and receiving their $500 per year scholarships from the Foundation. We are especially proud to recognize Ms. Kiki Damianidis, who, in June 2006 will become our first alumnae to graduate from college. Kiki attends Framingham State College and has attained a very respectable 3.87 GPA. Mazie alumni also attend Atlantic Union College, Brown University, Mass Bay Community College, New England Institute of Technology, Pace University, Pine Manor College, Quinsigamond Community College, Regis College, U. of Hartford, U. of Maryland, UMass/ Amherst, UMass/Boston, U. Puerto Rico, and Worcester State College. We expect our 19 seniors to graduate this June and increase our alumni roster to 40.

On April 10, 2006 we will hold our Mentor Recognition Dinner to honor the 19 mentors whose mentees graduate this June, thus culminating their nearly 3-year relationship together. Mentors, their significant others, mentees and their families attend. Your tax deductible donation of $25, $50 or $100 will help pay for this dinner and for the first $500 installment of each mentee’s $2000 college scholarship. Checks to: Mazie Foundation, Mentor Recognition, c/o John Andrew Mazie Memorial Foundation, 1502 Wisteria Way, Wayland, MA 01778 and THANKS!

At our November award event, 14 students received their 1-year award lap top computers, while another eight earned their 6-month award of a $50 Borders Gift card and a framed certificate. Special thanks to Borders for discounting these awards and to the Mathworks for hosting us!

To earn these awards, students set and achieved these 6-month and one-year goals: raised course grades; interviewed professionals in various fields to investigate careers; learned how to write resumes, fill out job applications, and practice job interviews with their mentors; learned how to open bank accounts and save money; and toured local colleges. One student’s goal was to do all the necessary steps to obtain the best possible basketball scholarship at the best possible school; she has been accepted at Bentley College with a four-year full scholarship. Another student built a computer, while one young man learned how to play the guitar. Another young woman took the initial steps to organize a UNITY group at the high school to bring students from diverse backgrounds to work together.

Congratulations to our mentees for their hard work and perseverance and to their mentors for their thoughtful support.

Our program has grown substantially from the two students matched in 1998. Last fall, 22 students were matched with mentors, a new record. The program currently has 66 active pairs. We plan to match another 13 students in February. Our next training dates are Monday and Wednesday, February 13 and 15, 6-9pm, and the Match Up is Saturday, March 4, 10am-2pm at Staples Headquarters in Framingham. We invite you, your friends and co-workers to join us. For more information, please contact Sybil at 508.653.8377 or or visit

The John Andrew Mazie Memorial Foundation would like to thank the following foundations and corporations for their support during 2005. Individual, foundation and corporate support are crucial for our program, but together, we make it work!

For support of our 2005 Mentor Recognition Dinner: Banknorth, Bank of America, Citizens Bank and Sovereign Bank. For support for our Oral History Project collaboration with Framingham High School and the Framingham Public Library: MetLife Foundation. For program support: Crossroads Community Foundation, Liberty Mutual Group, Massachusetts Service Alliance, Mathworks, Robbins-de Beaumont Foundation, Sovereign Bank, TJX, 200 Foundation of Framingham, and Verizon.


January 23 (M): Mentor Networking evening, Staples

February 13 (M): Mentor Orientation, 6-9pm, Staples

February 15 (W): Mentor Training, 6-9pm, Staples

March 4 (Sat): Match Up event, 10am-2pm; parents: 12:00-2pm, Staples

March 20 (M): 3-month, 1-year Award event, 6-8pm, Mathworks

April 10 (M): Mentor Recognition Dinner for mentors of seniors and their mentees, 6-8pm, Elks Lodge of Framingham

April 25 (T): College Preparation Workshop for mentors/mentees/mentee parents, 7-8:30pm, Staples

April 29 (Sat): Recycle Your Computer, FHS Parking Lot, 9am-3pm or until trucks are full!

May 3 (W): Mentor Networking evening, Staples

May 17? (W): Framingham High School Award event, FHS, exact date TBA

June 5 (M): Eighth Annual Golf Tournament, Framingham Country Club

June 14 (W): 3-month and 6-month Award event, 6-8pm, exact date TBA, Mathworks


Please consider a gift to the John Andrew Mazie Memorial Foundation. Remember many companies match employee donations. We thank you for your support!

The John Andrew Mazie Memorial Foundation is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt, charitable organization as described in Section 501(c) (3) of the tax code. The Foundation’s EIN # is 23-2912197

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